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What's Happening in October 2015?

World Teacher Day is October 5th
Flower: Calendula or Cosmos
Birthstone: Opal or Tourmaline

Moon Phases 
Last quarter (10/4)
New moon (10/13) 
First quarter (10/20) 
Full moon (10/27)

Month-long Commemorations

Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month
Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month - Click here for instructions on searching for media in languages other than English
Computer Learning Month
Dyslexia Awareness Month - Click here for a 4 minute Ted Ed video about Dyslexia
Family History Month
Global Diversity Awareness Month
Halloween Safety Month - Click here for elementary titles about Halloween Safety
Health Literacy Month
National Book Month
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Bullying Awareness Month - Materials about bullying for elementary and secondary
National Cyber Security Awareness Month
National Dessert Month
National Go on a Field Trip Month - Consider a virtual tour!
National Hispanic Heritage Month - Check out the History of Hispanic Achievement in America series. 
National Pasta Month
National Pizza Festival Month 
National Popcorn Popping Month 
National Reading Group Month - How about starting a virtual book club?  
National Roller Skating Month 
National Seafood Month
National Stamp Collecting Month 
Polish American History Month

Special Weeks

UN: World Space Week (10/4-10/10)
Fire Prevention Week (10/4-10/10) - Materials on 
Mental Illness Awareness Week (10/4-10/10) 
Mystery Series Week (10/4-10/10) 
Emergency Nurses Week (10/11-10/17)
Getting the World to Beat a Path to Your Door Week (10/11-10/17)
National Food Bank Week (10/11-10/17) 
National School Lunch Week (10/12-10/16)
World Rainforest Week (10/12-10/18)
National School Bus Safety Week (10/14-10/23)  
Food and Drug Interaction Awareness Week (10/17-10/24) 
Teen Read Week (10/18-10/24)
Freedom From Bullies Week (10/18/10/24)
National Character Counts Week (10/18/10/24) 
National Chemistry Week (10/18-10/24) 
National Friends of Library Week (10/18-10/24) 
National Health Education Week (10/19-10/23)  
Red Ribbon Week (10/23-10/31) - Materials on drugs and alcohol for upper elementary and secondary
International Magic Week (10/25-10/31)

Special Days

UN International Day of Older Persons (10/1) 
World Vegetarian Day (10/1) 
Peanuts Comic Strip First Published In 1950 (10/2)
National Custodial Worker Day (10/2) 
UN International Day of Nonviolence (10/2) 
World Farm Animals Day (10/2) 
First Compact Disc and Player released by Sony in 1982 (Billy Joel '52nd Street') (10/4)
National Denim Day (10/4)
St. Francis of Assisi Birthday (10/4)
World Teacher Day (10/5)
Ray Kroc born, 1902 (Mastermind of McDonald's franchise) (10/5)
World Day of Bullying Prevention (10/5) 
World Habitat Day (10/5)
Child Health Day (10/5)
American Library Association Founded (1876) (10/6)
Rose designated as the U.S. National Flower (1986) (10/7)
Croatia: Statehood (10/8)
The Great Chicago Fire started (1871) (10/8)
Hunter's Moon (10/8) 
Iceland: Leif Ericson Day (10/9)
James Marshall born, 1942 (10/10)
China and Taiwan: Double Tenth Day (10/10) 
UN World Mental Health Day (10/10) 
First Steam-Powered Ferryboat 'Juliana' began operations in 1811 (10/11)
Dia de la Raza (Mexico) (10/12)
Canada Thanksgiving (10/12)
Columbus Day (observed) (10/12) 
Hawaii Discoverer's Day (10/12)
Molly Pitcher (Revolutionary War Heroine) born, 1754 (10/13)
First Aerial Photo in US Taken from a balloon in Boston in 1860 (10/13)
National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day (10/14)
National Stop Bullying Day (10/14) 
Grover's Birthday(Sesame Street Character) (10/14)
Dwight David Eisenhower (34th President) born, 1890 (10/14)
National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day (10/14) 
National Grouch Day (10/15)
National Cake Decorating Day (10/15)
Dictionary Day (10/16)
National Boss Day (10/16)
National Feral Cat Day (10/16)
UN World Food Day (10/16) 
Black Poetry Day (10/16) 
Mulligan Day (10/17) 
UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (10/17) 
Puerto Rico Became U.S. Colony In 1898 (10/18)
Star Spangled Banner First Sung In 1814 (10/19)
Thomas Edison Demonstrated Electric Light Successfully in 1879  (10/19)
Sir James Chadwick (Discoverer of the Neutron) born, 1891 (10/20)
Guggenheim Museum Opens(1959) (10/21)
National Nut Day (10/22)
India: Dasara (10/22)
iPod First Revealed (2001) (10/23)
United Nations Day (10/24) 
UN World Development Information Day (10/24) 
Pablo Picasso Born in Spain in 1881 (10/25)
Mother-in-Law's Day (10/25)
Erie Canal Opened (1825) (10/26)
President Theodore Roosevelt born in 1858 (10/27)
Bill Gates born, 1955 10/28)
National Cat Day (10/29)
Stock Market Crash - 1929 (10/29)
Checklists Day (10/30)
President John Adams born in 1735 (10/30)
Books for Treats Day (10/31)
Halloween (10/31) - Find Halloween titles here
Magic Day (10/31)

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What's Happening in October 2015?
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