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Resource Links

ASL/Deafness Links

These links are provided for informational purposes only and do not imply any affiliation or endorsement. Some links could fit into more than one category. If links are broken, inactive or lead to the wrong site. Please contact the PDHH Resource Administrator.

Some sites require QuicktimeRealPlayer, Adobe  Reader, Windows Media Player, and/or Adobe Flash/Shockwave player. All of these programs can be downloaded for free.  We encourage you to check your plugins on the ESD plugin test page.

VLOG/BLOG/VIDEO - News and information in American Sign Language. Practicing your sign-to-voice skills, or looking for new signs? This site provides you with frequently updated videos in ASL.

Deafnewsdaily - Signed news and events.  This site provides interpreters/parents an opportunity to see sign language in use and view new signs from around the world.

ideafnews - Signed news and events.  This site provides interpreters/parents an opportunity to see sign language in use and view new signs from around the world.

Joey Baer Vlog - ASL video blog, new way to see what is going  on in the deaf community.

Online Dictionaries

RIT - Math and Science signs

ASL Source - Country Signs - Instructional and educational website used primarily for dictionary and vocabulary.  Requires Quicktime.

Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary - Math signs to help students, teachers, parents and interpreters. - Medical issues and terminology presented in ASL.  Requires Quicktime.

ASL Browser - Hundreds of videos of signs, listed alphabetically. Requires Quicktime.

ASL University Online Dictionary - Various signs listed alphabetically, explained with words and photos.

Embe Outreach - Features video clips containing ASL vocabulary that is generally going to be presented in specific academic classes in elementary school through high school. In many cases, the videos include using the vocabulary in an ASL sentence. Requires Quicktime.

Signing Savvy Dictionary

Interpreter Resources

ESD Interpreter Lending Library list 2019 - Please download the Loan Agreement and send in the hard copy to the Grants Pass ESD office Attn: Lending Library. To make your Lending Library request please email the Lending Library specialist.

SOESD Media Materials Library Client Login  - Access to many of the videos you may find being presented in you classrooms.

Boys Town Workshops - Register for the Boys Town EIPA video conference training workshops at the ODE website. You will find dates, times, locations and the registration access portal.

APPs - We will be building this area as more APPs are sent in. Please send in your favorite APPs for interpreting and we will add them to the list.  

EIPA written tests, What to study! - Here is an outline with some suggestions from Boys Town on how to study for the EIPA written exam.  

EIPA Written - The information on this site will help answer some questions you may have about the EIPA written test.

EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment) - The information on this site will help answer some questions you may have about the EIPA performance test.

EIPA Sample Evaluation Report - Shows you what the results and feedback will look like.

EIPA Rating Form - Shows the interpreter how they will be evaluated on the assessment.

Nigel Howard - ASL Youtube videos can be very helpful in providing interpreters with dependable models showing proper use of space and classifiers. Nigel Howard has some videos that were created by the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University.  (Must have youtube access to view video)

Kevin William’s training videos are available online again.  He is one of the authors of the EIPA and he IS the guru for K-12 interpreting.  I encourage anybody wanting to understand more about educational interpreting and the EIPA to watch some/all of his videos. 

NCIEC - National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers, Providing information related to Interpreters.

Top Notch Interpreting -  Web site with interpreter related info.

ASL University - Various lessons and resources, for free.

Think Workshop - ASL Fingerspelling and Initialization

Fingerspelling  - Practice your receptive finger spelling skills online.

Online Workshop - Perpetual Development, LLC is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities for sign language interpreters.

Wink Workshop - online educational opportunity

Quizlet - Increase your academic ability

Lumosity - More academic training

Deaf Newspaper - ASL video clips. Requires Macromedia flash 7.

ESD How to Videos - Here you will find helpful videos on how to setup your Google Drive account and how to share your videos with your ESD Mentor.  

Teacher Resources - multiple choice, interactive, game making website. Challenge your class and see who has been paying attention. was shared at the January PDHH teachers in-service.

Deaf Education Info - offers additional resources and current information.

IDEA - Link to official documents.

Described and Captioned Media Program - Open captioned media on a wide variety of topics - from Arts to Science to History. It is free to those who work with or are related to Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals. Some media available for online streaming. Great for teachers, interpreters and parents.  Includes extensive section on Deafness & Sign Language.

Parent Resources

Hands and Voices - "Who are we? We are parents of ASL signers, cued speech users.... parents of kids with cochlear implants or total communicators... we are people who have common interests connected through the community of deafness.

Healthy Hearing - Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss Help and information.

Deaf Resource Library - Various articles and information about deafness, ASL and Deaf culture. This site is a good resource for anyone to use.

Just for (Deaf and Hearing) Kids - Links to organizations and web sites for deaf/hard of hearing kids, as well as hearing kids with some connection to deafness.

Deaf Culture

Deafness/Hard of Hearing at - Many articles and links to various issues dealing with Deafness/Hard of Hearing.

DeafNation - The latest news in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Requires Windows Media Player.

SignWriting - Read and write sign languages!

Lessons - Learn how to read and write SignWriting.


Telephone Relay Services - Relay numbers by state.

How to use TRS - Instructions on how to use the Telephone Relay Service

TypeWell - Educational Transcription System.

Foreign Sign Language Dictionaries

BSL Alphabet Coloring Pages

British Sign Language

LSF - French Sign Language Dictionary of words in alphabetical order.
(It is estimated that about 60% of ASL & LSF are mutually intelligible.)

Manos Que Hablan - Sign dictionary by alphabet and category. Also has fingerspelling alphabets from various countries. English translations are not given.

German Sign Language - This dictionary uses drawn pictures. English translations are not given.

Fachgebärdenlexikon Hauswirtschaft - Mostly words to do with housekeeping. Requires Quicktime.

German Sign Language of Psychology- English translations are not given. Requires Quicktime.

Other Foreign Sign Languages

Arabic Sign Language - Keyed to English words - use the links for the manual alphabet.

Croatian Sign Language - English translations are not given. Requires Windows Media Player.

Flemish Sign Language - English translations are not given. Requires Windows Media Player.

Flemish Sign Language Dictionary - This site has an English version.

Indian (Native American) Sign Language - Described by words and drawn pictures.

American Indian Sign Language - Videos of Native Americans using sign. (With voice interpretation)

Sign Language Alphabets from other countries - From

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