Parents & Families

How can we help? Here are some ideas and connections to resources that can help your child get to school regularly.

Students miss school for many reasons. Some are related to transportation or basic needs, and others are connected to emotional or academic challenges. No matter what the reason, it’s important to address the root cause before a student falls behind.­­­ If you or a child you care about regularly misses school, you can find support.

Don’t be shy. Schools want your child to succeed and are focused on helping smooth the way to regular attendance. Share your challenge so the staff can help.

Start locally. Programs vary by community. Your school district can help direct you to resources in your area. Better yet, start with a search at This website is an online guide to health and human services in Oregon.

Lend a hand. Want to help? Most community programs are understaffed and in search of volunteers. You can make a difference by volunteering to help with everything from carpool arrangements to homework help. Reach out to your school or school district, Oregon Volunteers or the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Everyone can help Oregon’s students get to school – educators, parents and community members.