Fostering Wholehearted Teaching based on Courage, Compassion, and Connection

SOESD delivers high-quality, culturally responsive mentoring to new teachers and administrators during their first two years in the profession.

The mentoring program is built upon research that demonstrates increased student achievement and teacher retention, and is expanding support for new teacher induction programs to promote effective instructional practice, lesson and unit design, assessment, and culturally responsive teaching. The program leverages substantial grant funding.

The mentoring program offers high quality initial training, monthly professional development opportunities, and online instructional tools to new teachers. The program manages PLC’s region wide, interfaces with district administration and project partners, monitors program goals, analyzes data, prepares reports, and communicates to stakeholders.

SOESD manages 40 mentors who serve approximately 130 new teachers and 20 administrators.


(541) 776-6770


  • Teacher Mentor Tools: Collaborative Discussion Guides | ODE Tools | Lesson Planning | Observation and Feedback Tools | Mentor Goal Setting | New Teacher Goal Setting | Student Analysis and Differentiation | Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Practice | References | Mentor Forums and PLC Info/Agendas | Mental Health Resources by District | Packet Portfolio Tools
  • Admin Mentor Tools: Collaborative Discussion Guides | ODE Tools | “Getting to Know You” Tool | Protocols | Observation Tools | Coaching Stances | GROWS Model | Site Council Report | Professional Standards| Special Topics | PLC/Roundtable Materials

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