SOREN Partner Schools

“When we have a shared language to talk about how we build culture and community in our buildings, you can feel it. It gives you a sense of hope that we can be different.”

Nicolette SmithSchool Improvement Specialist and Implementation Coach

We support schools, students, educators and families, to increase safety, significance, and belonging in the home and school environment.


Our school-based team supports schools who are looking to transform their school-wide discipline systems to shift from compliance based to more collaborative ones. We believe that through adult and student skill building, shared language, and room to practice and grow, we can co-create systems in schools where each and every person knows they are safe, they belong, and they matter.

Offerings Provided by SOREN Partner Schools

  • Collaborative Data Teams examining patterns of student behavioral data
  • Systems-level SEL design
  • Classified educator training
  • Strengths-based, Tier-3 collaboration teams
  • Coaching support for ALL educators on campus
  • Regionally responsive professional learning

SOREN Partner Schools


Nicolette Smith

Supporting Coaches

Denise Swingle, Callie McQueen, Jen Cole

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