Teach from Your Best Self

“The most significant element in a learning environment is the well-being of the teacher. Students thrive best when their teacher is thriving.”

Jay SchroderAuthor of Teach from Your Best Self: A Teacher’s Guide to Thriving in the Classroom

The mission of Teach from Your Best Self is to revitalize education through effective training and support that empowers educators to create educational environments where students and teachers both thrive.

Unlike most other teacher professional development programs, Teach from Your Best Self puts you, the educator, at the center. This educator-centered professional development will help you meet the daily pressures in a way that takes care of education’s most valuable resource–you. The skills and principles taught in Teach from Your Best Self allow you to sustain a fulfilling career over decades, while positively impacting the lives of thousands of students along the way.

Teach from Your Best Self promises:

  • A deepened capacity to bring out best, no matter the situation
  • Better teaching with less effort
  • Avoid, or recover from, burnout
  • Transform challenging moments into moments in which real change and growth is possible
  • Learn to awaken the best in others

Teach from Your Best Self


Jay Schroder


Oregon Writing Project, Southern Oregon University, Dr. Margaret Perrow