This activity is great for practicing so many things such as print name recognition, fingerspelling, ABCs, fine motor skills, and so much more! Anything can be glued to your letters – beads, cereal, stickers, pasta, glitter, pipe cleaners, or whatever you have at home! Help your child write their name and practice fingerspelling their name, saying/signing their name, and introducing themselves.

Here are some videos examples of children introducing themselves using their sign name and fingerspelling. We would love to see you and your child introduce yourselves. Please feel free to take a picture or video you and your child doing this activity and send it to us, your teachers.  We miss being with you and would love to see you! With your permission we will post it here on the website.  (Just watch the introduction but the story is super cute and enjoyable too if you want to view the whole thing.)

Check out these fun ideas from Deaf/Hard of Hearing Preschool Learning at Home. These are great suggestions to promote additional language development opportunities daily in your home.