Many of these lessons call for specialized materials, which will be available for free to educators throughout Southern Oregon through our trunk loan program. Learn more about checking out trunks here.

Elementary School

Adopt an Organism: This activity introduces students to a suite of organisms that live in fire-adapted Southern Oregon ecosystems. Each student “adopts” an organism, learns about its characteristics and its relationship to fire, and shares back with the class. Lesson plan and supporting resources available here.

Middle School

Assessing Your School: Students assess their school’s fire preparedness following Firewise recommendations. Lesson plan available here.

Preparing at Home: Students are empowered to prepare for wildfire. They take their fire preparedness knowledge home and prepare for a wildfire evacuation. Lesson plan available here.

High School

The Fire Triangle: Students complete a foundational experiment for conceptualizing and applying knowledge related to the fire triangle: fuel, heat, oxygen.​ Lesson plan and supporting resources available here.

Tree Identification: Students use photographs and botanical specimens to create a dichotomous key for 10 tree species native to forests of Southern Oregon. Lesson plan and supporting resources available here.

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