SOFEE offers professional development in two major categories:

  • Train-the-trainer workshops that introduce classroom and non-formal educators to the SOFEE curriculum, so that they are ready and able to facilitate all SOFEE lessons for their students

  • Preparedness sessions that help classroom teachers get ready to lead their students in comprehensive wildfire preparedness activities

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South Slough Reserve Summer Camp! SOFEE provides train-the-facilitator workshops. As a result of SOFEE workshops, Oregon Department of Public Lands has taught wildland fire science education at their South Slough Summer Science Camps. “Students were able to identify and explain the benefits of thinning, woody debris removal, and fire breaks.  As we hiked around the reserve on watershed hikes we also talked about the forest health from a fire risk perspective.  I really think the kids enjoyed it and made some great evaluations and recommendations,” said Eric Dean (Education Program Specialist)

Oregon state wide train-the-facilitator workshop with the Rocky Mountain Research Station FireWorks! creators Jane Kapler Smith and Ilana Abrahamson. This was the first FireWorks! training in the state. Representatives came from all over Oregon to attend to begin implementing fire ecology education across the state. Funded and hosted by SOFEE partners

SOFEE at Southern Oregon University. Education includes the ecological science of wildland fire, fire preparedness, and wildfire recovery resources