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Klamath Promise

Klamath Promise in Klamath County forges connections between schools, higher education, community organizations, businesses and local leaders to drive communities to actively support improving education outcomes beyond the classroom. Focused includes to increase student success through education includes increasing high school graduation, increasing school attendance, creating and assisting with post-secondary transitions, and community wide training on the impacts of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). SOESD supports trauma informed approaches & resiliency leading toward healthy communities and increased metrics in early learning, high school graduation, and college as well as career success across a lifelong continuum.

Connecting and Inspiring the Community about the Importance of Education, Attendance, and Graduation, from Early Childhood to Career or College Transitions.

The Klamath Promise is a community-wide initiative connecting the community to the schools, from preschool through career and college readiness. Since 2012 the Klamath Promise has aimed to increase “Success through Education” for all students in Klamath County, whether success looks like joining the workforce or military, or going to college. 

  • Ongoing constant community conversation about supporting school success
  • Community connection and public-private partnerships
  • Creating awareness, energy, and support for education

Klamath Promise serves as a community hub for youth and education related priorities, connecting conversations between direct service and action organizations and agencies.


Klamath Promise

541-776-8560 ext. 2119

Jessie DuBose, Program Manger
541-776-8560 ext. 2107

Chris Howard, Klamath Promise Specialist

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