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Communication Toolkit

To Increase Regular Attendance

Start Strong: Attendance Focused Back to School Letter

This welcome back letter to parents is written in both English and Spanish.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in Communication

This is a color-coded communication tool that begins with universal supports in communication, moves through targeted supports and culminates in individual supports for students and families struggling with coming to school regularly.

Seasonal Communication Tools, Resources and Timelines

A year-long communication plan in a Google Spreadsheet that includes opening/staying/finishing strong, planning for extended breaks, inclement weather/flu, holidays, incident-driven communication and culturally specific holidays and events.

Extrinsic Motivation: It Might Be Even Worse Than You Thought

Communicating attendance improvement through awards and incentives is common practice, but new research is showing that it can backfire. Instead, a focus on relationships and personal communication from teachers and staff is what makes a difference!

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