We are all experiencing significant changes in our daily lives and, are receiving information that is continuously changing. For our students and families who thrive on predictability and routine, this can be distressing.

Amidst all of the changes, we need to make sure to prioritize self-care. It is so important that our students and families have the tools necessary to support their overall wellbeing so that they are mentally and emotionally prepared to approach learning.

The links below are designed to provide quick access to information and materials that may assist students and families in adjusting to new routines and to provide information, printable tools, and coping strategies through familiar platforms.

To access the information, simply click on the topics listed under each heading.

For more, unless otherwise noted contact Amy Szeliga, Amy_Szeliga@soesd.k12.or.us, 541-776-8590  ex3138.


Oregon Connections NEPRIS NEPRIS website

– Full access licenses available for all Southern Oregon educators
– A local Southern Oregon industry is featured each month
– Monthly Teacher Training for Oregon Connections– PDNetworks
– February
– March
– April
– May

Early Learning (Jackson & Josephine)

– 200 STEM kits for rural families prepared
– Partnering with Early Learning to develop PD to accompany kits

Lending Library

– Makey Makey for MS students at home! Contact Kim Young at kim_young@soesd.k12.or.us

IGNITE project w/ Oregon Community Foundation

Dialogues in Action (Landen Zernickow) is conducting our regional needs assessment and focusing efforts to determine themes across our three counties for how education can better connect with industry to support pathways leading to high wage, high demand jobs

Camp Invention host sites virtually through CI Connect. Planning now for Summer 2021!

Oregon Science Project (OSP) website

  • Rural Elementary and K-12 schools talking about what STEAM looks like in their atmospheres, collaborating with other rural schools, and inspiring/encouraging growth in STEAM within each of the schools involved
  • Registration open, monthly meeting (2 attachments: Rural Learning Collaborative and DL Facilitation Institute)
  • Monthly PLC time TBD

Early Childhood

  • Collaboration with Early Childhood Network and CCRN,
  • Surveyed rural families in English and Spanish to determine needs for STEAM supplies/equipment and training
  • Preparing delivery and training for kits for Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath Counties
  • Collaborating with STEM hubs from around the state for best practices

Mobile Maker Space

  • Target: Rural Middle Schools
  • Most commonly brought to your school library and teachers can check out from there
  • Preparing options for student check out
  • May have for 1 month at a time
  • Check out other STEAM lending library equipment through Media Net account
  • Training available

Southern Oregon Fire Ecology Education (SOFEE Pathway Project) website

  • Partnership with Oregon Outdoor School Program
  • “Fire Works” Train the Trainer Fire Ecology
  • Curriculum modification to match Southern Oregon’s landscape and environment
  • Development of distance learning module and trunks

STEAM Lesson Plans ready for Distance Learning

  • Talent Maker City partnering local teachers to model Elementary, MS and HS STEAM video and lesson plans
  • Click here to find, and browse other digital resources.
  • Also coming soon: weekly STEM ideas with lesson plans

STEM Ecosystems Resource Library– The STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice is offering a virtual collection of resources, webinars, and workshops intended to help teachers, administrators, and families engage learning for their children while schools and other activities are suspended. Check it out at: https://stemecosystems.org/stemathome/

Additional Resources

For more information contact karla_clark@soesd.k12.or.us


  • The region’s CTE Programs of Study (POSs) have been awarded $213,000 in CTE Career Pathways grants this school year.
  • CTE is still growing, with the licensing of six new CTE teachers and the creation of three new Programs of Study.
  • CTE is conducting bi-weekly Career Rea PLC meetings, via Zoom, with all of the secondary and postsecondary teachers.
  • Both CTE grants (Basic and Reserve) have been approved ($708,000), and we are now starting to purchase equipment and arrange PD for all 74 of our teachers.
  • The CTE region is dedicating $33,500 to the mentoring of 11 early career CTE teachers.
  • For the very first time, SOCTEC is collaborating on the purchase of software that will be shared across both secondary and postsecondary curriculum in the Transportation Tech program.

Mentoring & SOREN

Learn 360

Free access to all students of SOESD-component districts. Learn360® provides access to a web-based digital education video library comprised of thousands of K-12 core-curriculum videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video speeches, still images, and audio files.  These materials are accessible and downloadable from home or school.  Also Learn360® now has learning games, reading activities and printable fact sheets, diagrams, math activities, etc. For more information contact ray_robison@soesd.k12.or.us

Get Access Here


Administrators can request access and will be contacted within 24 hours for more details.

Click here for timely resources available through Newsela’s coronavirus resource center, including a remote teacher toolkit and COVID-19 educational content.

Association of Career and Technical Education – ACTE

Free Leadership courses for CTE teachers on how to deliver online coursework. CTE Learn: ACTE’s partner, MaxKnowledge, has opened up six of their paid courses that deal with learning how to teach online.  The instructions on how to access those temporarily free courses are below:

Go to Online Teachers on CTE Learn and click on Delivering Online Instruction. You’ll see the following online courses that you can access for free.

The courses are:

EL102 Online Teaching Techniques
EL103 Teaching Online: A Student-Centered Approach
EL104 Teaching and Organizing a Virtual Learning Environment
EL105 Online Language: Communicating with Students
EL108 Preparing Students to Become Good Online Learners
EL112 Workload Management Strategies for Teaching Online

For more information contact brian_robin@soesd.k12.or.us

CTE Online Resource InstructionsOnline CTE Resources\

Positive Discipline/Sound Discipline

Resources for Educators and Families During School Closures and Social Distancing

New Teacher Center