Living With Smoke

When there’s smoke outside, do you know what to do?
Tips on living with smoke

Cuando hay humo afuera, ¿sabe qué debe hacer?
Tips on living with smoke

Ashland Air Quality and Visibility
How to visually determine air quality

Public Health Guidance: Outdoor School Events During Wildfires
Oregon Health Authority’s guide to outdoor activities and health monitoring during wildfire events. Tailored to school audiences but useful community-wide.

Smokewise Ashland: Smoke
See Ashland’s current AQI, learn how to reduce smoke exposure indoors and outdoors, and find information about health impacts from smoke

Preparing for Wildland Fire​

Smokewise Ashland: Wildfire
Current local/regional wildfire information, wildfire prevention and preparedness tips, and Ashland evacuation information

Get Ready for Wildfire: Get Ready
Information about defensible space, hardening your home, and choosing fire-resistant landscaping

Get Ready for Wildfire: Get Set
Comprehensive guide to preparing your family (including babies, toddlers, seniors, and disabled family members) for an evacuation, including making a wildfire action plan, assembling an emergency supply kit, and making a family communication plan

Get Ready for Wildfire: Go! Evacuation Guide
Information about power outages, evacuation for people and pets, and what to do if you get trapped

Making a Go Kit
Family-friendly guide to getting your go-bag and your plan ready ahead of time.

Wildfire Risk Reduction Community Service Project Ideas
Suggestions for how to connect with your community to minimize fire risk.

Smokey for Kids
Prevention and online activities, knowledge of fire science