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April 4, 2024

Article: Avoiding Burnout Through a Mindset of Acceptance

This blog post was written by Jay Schroder, author of Teach From Your Best Self: A Teacher’s Guide to Thriving in the Classroom. He has taught high school English and social…
NewsSchool Improvement ServicesSchool-Wide Improvement
March 28, 2024 Article – Indigenous Community Care: Traditions of Reciprocity

For thousands of years, Agnes Pilgrim’s Takelma ancestors hosted a salmon ceremony on the Rogue River. Aggie’s granddaughter, Tanya Nevarez, a participant in the Offers and Needs Market (OANM) facilitator…
Career and Technical EducationCollege and Career (CC4A) / STEAMNews
March 11, 2024

Klamath Community College, county high schools show off healthcare-related programs in Meet Your Future Employees Tour

The schools in Klamath County were able to show off their healthcare-related programs Wednesday, Feb. 14, during the Meet Your Future Employees Tour. Chaperoned by the Southern Oregon Education Service…
College and Career (CC4A) / STEAMNewsSchool Improvement ServicesSchool-Wide Improvement
March 10, 2024

KCC Welding Instructor Kai Connects with Students

Kai Graduated from Henley High School in 2022 and always thought she would become a doctor or a veterinarian. The COVID Pandemic hit and Kai’s desires to move across the…
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