Special Education Services at SOESD provide evaluative, consultative, and direct special education services to students with disabilities. Many Special Education Services are available in Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties, and some services are also available in Douglas and Lake counties. The OR Project assessment and curriculum and Records Manager software is available worldwide.


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School Nursing Services

Participating counties: Jackson and Josephine.

Students attending schools may have a variety of chronic and acute health conditions such as seizures, asthma, diabetes, and severe allergies. Some students may require medical assistive devices and procedures such as gastric tube feeding, oxygen administration, suctioning, or nebulizer treatments. School nurse consultants help school districts meet the needs of these students, and maintain compliance with Oregon rules and statutes, working under the requirements of both the Oregon Board of Education and the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

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Staff Trainings – Staff trainings can include medication administration, severe allergic reaction, severe hypoglycemia/Glucagon, seizure management, asthma, shunt emergencies, seizure management, and diabetes. CPR / First Aid training using the Medic First Aid system is also available.

Nursing Delegation – Certain nursing tasks, such as administration of oxygen or gastric tube feedings, may only be instructed, delegated, and supervised by a registered nurse.

Childhood Diabetes Database Reporting – This program, implemented in 2007, requires schools to report information on children under 18 who have diabetes. Although this is a district responsibility, School Nurse Consultants can provide guidance.

Nursing assessment and development of Individual Health Plans (IHPs) or Emergency Action Plans – Nurse consultants are vital to planning for management of health needs and health emergencies in the school setting. The nurse will assess the individual student and develop a plan specific for that student’s needs.

Participation in IEP and 504 team planning for students with special health needs – Nurse consultants can help to identify and lessen health barriers to learning, help to develop IEP goals that provide for the required health needs of students, and should be informed of and invited to annual review meetings.

Medication Review – Nurse consultants can review medication storage and documentation in schools to assure that procedures are compliant with the law.

Vision Screenings – Nurse consultants can coordinate vision screening.

Health Case Management – For students with complex medical situations, nurse consultants can provide information regarding resources and programs that may assist students and families regarding health concerns.

For more information, email: peggy_bartles@soesd.k12.or.us or call 541-776-8551.