Special Education Services at SOESD provide evaluative, consultative, and direct special education services to students with disabilities. Many Special Education Services are available in Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties, and some services are also available in Douglas and Lake counties. The OR Project assessment and curriculum and Records Manager software is available worldwide.


101 North Grape Street
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: 776.8590 ext 3137
Fax: 541.779.2018

Long Term Care and Treatment (LTCT)

Long Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) provides education programs for students who have been placed by state agencies, school districts, or private placement in day and residential treatment facilities. The goal of Long Term Care and Treatment Education Programs is to provide a high quality, therapeutic environment where children will gain the behavior skills and abilities to function successfully in a non-institutional environment.

For information, please contact Diane Dunas at diane_dunas@soesd.k12.or.us or 541-776-8590 ext 3137.