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Partnership of Regional ESDs

The Douglas, Multnomah, and Southern Oregon ESD’s were chosen to conduct research into Distance/Digital Learning in Oregon.  This project is being funded through an Oregon Department of Education distance learning pilot contract. While there have been many research projects in the area recently none have been Oregon specific, nor broad enough to capture key issues in the area. The Distance Learning Pilot will focus on these issues from your prospective. We will also run experimental course design to support the state in informing practice in all Oregon schools that utilize Distance, Hybrid, or integrated digital learning. Areas to cover will include:

  • Researching/recommending better digital learning practices
  • Creating an operational framework distance learning programs and
  • School selection and augmentation of courseware
  • Developing professional development for distance educators

Contact us for information:

Take a survey

Needed: Oregon administrators and educators to take a survey or participate in an interview. Participants will be entered to receive a gift for participation.

Practitioner (Teacher, Counselors, Case Managers…)


Administrator & Specialist

Sit for an in-depth interview

Earn $75 for your opinion on distance learning. In addition to surveys we will conduct interviews with Students, Teachers, Specialists, and Administrators from distant learning backgrounds.

Apply Here

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