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Under the Governor’s Executive Order 20-25(10) each district and Education Service District in Oregon must follow the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) requirements. Over the summer, the ODE in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released several iterations of the RSSL requirements for the new school year.

The RSSL requirements create a framework for serving students using remote strategies in a “Comprehensive Distance Learning” (CDL) model, or using “On-site” and “Hybrid” models to deliver in-person instruction across all grade levels when certain health metrics are met related to COVID-19 infection rates across Oregon. Districts are required to develop Operational Blueprints for Reentry for each school, and have plans for transitioning between CDL and On-site or Hybrid models.

Currently all districts and ESDs in Oregon will start school this fall using the CDL model, since the statewide COVID-19 test positivity rate is not <= 5% for the past 7 days for three weeks in a row. The CDL model leverages remote learning options but also provides some exceptions for K-3 students, students in small and rural schools, and other students to receive in-person instruction in certain defined situations.

SOESD aligns our plans with the plans of the districts and the communities we serve in order to provide services that meet the needs of students and families across our regional service area. To meet the needs of students, families, and districts, we are planning to offer limited in-person instruction opportunities under the defined exceptions to the CDL model, and are working through those requirements recently released by ODE on 8/11/20. We are also updating plans based on requirements released by the Early Learning Division (ELD) on 8/14/20 for our Early Childhood Services program (EI/ECSE) and preschool. SOESD plans to serve districts offering in-person education for K-3 students under the defined exceptions to the CDL model when county metrics are met, and using “Hybrid Learning” or “On-Site Learning” models when county and statewide metrics are met.

SOESD provides evaluative services in our offices, as well as direct student instructional services in the schools of the districts we serve. Each district we serve submits a blueprint for each of their schools where we may serve students. SOESD’s other direct instructional services for students are outlined in separate SOESD blueprints:

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