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Klamath County community members rallied years ago to create YAT – the Youth Attendance Team, which was designed to build a proactive approach to truancy. In 2021 our community convened a group of invested stakeholders to conduct a critical review of our county’s approach to chronic absenteeism. The below listed partners worked together to create a cross-sector solution that (1) supports the child and family in achieving regular attendance, and (2) comports with the law.

The processes and resources listed are intended for educators, administrators, and attendance supervisors, school partners, and service providers in addressing and supporting Klamath County students in regards to unexcused-absence attendance issues.

Resource Links

Klamath County Absenteeism Guide (UNDER REVIEW)
Klamath County Absenteeism Resources
Sample Nudge Note
Sample First Letter
Sample Second Letter
Truancy Citation


  • CASA
  • Cascade Health Alliance
  • Citizens for Safe Schools
  • Defense Attorney
  • Douglas Educational Service District
  • EagleRidge High School
  • Friends of the Children
  • Healthy Klamath
  • Integral Youth Services
  • Kl. Co. Community Corrections
  • Kl. Co. Developmental Disability Services
  • Kl. Co. District Attorney Office
  • Kl. Co. Juvenile Department
  • Klamath Basin Behavioral Health
  • Klamath Counseling Services
  • Klamath County Circuit Court
  • Klamath County Commissioners
  • Klamath County School District
  • Klamath Falls City Schools
  • Klamath Promise
  • Klamath Tribal Courts
  • Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services
  • Klamath Tribes
  • Klamath Works
  • OR Department of Human Services
  • Southern Oregon Educational Service District
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