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Hands on programming to IGNITE student interest
in CTE/STEM & workforce pathways

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The Bus to home build project provides construction skills taught in alignment with CTE standards and local industry. Students will gain opportunities for awareness, exploration, preparation and training involving all grade levels.

The project will initially focus on expanding the ability to offer KCC’s introductory trades courses and carpentry apprenticeship program as a pre-apprenticeship program throughout Klamath County high schools via dual-credit, indentured, classes and modules taught by high school shop or CTE teachers, or potentially a “traveling” instructor. A mobile shop trailer will be purchased to allow for the labs of these courses and modules to be conducted at any location, “stand-alone” utilizing the trailer equipment and supplies. The introductory trade classes and carpentry apprenticeship program are currently offered or are in process of being offered at Eagle Ridge High School in Klamath Falls. Henley High School is also engaged and preparing to offer the courses. The project seeks to expand the ability to offer the dual-credit, indentured, pre-apprenticeship carpentry program to high schools throughout Klamath County, as well as explore offering additional apprenticeship programs as dual-credit, indenture, pre-apprenticeship programs, including drywall, concrete, and painting.

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Our Purpose

These Southern Oregon programs will expand culturally responsive accessibility to information, experiences and advanced training leading to careers in STEM for girls, students of color, students living in poverty, and students living remote/rural.

Completion of Southern Oregon’s Regional Needs Assessment revealed an extreme gap in construction pathways between education and industry at all grade levels and in all three counties. This project will serve 3 counties in different ways through a continuum of Career Connected Learning utilizing the 4 components: Awareness, Exploration, Preparation and Training.

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