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Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) is a survey method of identifying and accounting for the time spent by public school staff on Medicaid related activities. Participation allows for the administrative activities associated with the coordination, referral, outreach, and program planning of Medicaid covered health services to be reimbursed. This reimbursement helps schools to continue to provide vital health and social services.

Participating counties: Josephine and Klamath Falls


Cortney Young
Medicaid (MAC) Specialist
541-776-8590 Opt 2

Survey Participants

Once you have completed the Time Survey, link below, please complete the documentation sheet for claimable time and return it to your trainer or the MAC Coordinator at the SOESD.

MAC Time Survey

On-Site Trainers

Coming Soon.


What are MAC Codes?

MAC Codes are utilized to determine how your time is spent and if your activities are eligible or non-eligible for reimbursement. You will code your time into each category for the designated Survey Day.

What time do I code?

You code all of your paid time for a single day, the “Time Study” day.  If you engage in official activities off campus, that time is coded as well, accounting for the entire day.  Professional conferences or offsite meetings would be examples.

What if I have time outside my regular work shift?

You can enter “claimable” time segments that are not part of your regular work shift.  Examples could include P/T conferences or other off-shift meetings. The program rules allow such time to be credited toward MAC claims.

What to do if I have Claimable Time?

If you have any “claimable” codes during that day, you must complete the attached supporting document and return it to your trainer or to the SOESD. Record activity within 5 business day of survey, be brief, concise, specific to the activity and do not identify specific students or family names.  Use the language on the code descriptions as a guide.

What if I am sick or out on another leave?

Even if you are on sick leave or other leave on a Time Study day, code your shift time as “A”.

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