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Data Toolkit

Oregon Statewide Data Collection Information and Support Resources

Chronic Absenteeism in Oregon: 2018-2019 Statewide Data

How Chronic Absenteeism is Calculated in Oregon

Chronic Absenteeism vs. Average Daily Attendance

Chronic Absenteeism Among Oregon Students 2016-2017

Chronic Absenteeism Among Oregon Students 2017-2018

Memo: Student Attendance Reporting Change for 2019-2020

Best Practices in Using Data for Improving Regular Attendance

Approaching Attendance Data: Effective Attendance Teams

These are the best practices of the most effective attendance teams in their approach to finding, using, and reading data for identifying interventions and monitoring progress along the way

US Department of Education School Climate Surveys

High quality school climate data allow you to understand: perceptions of the students, staff, and parents in your school or district; monitor progress; make data-driven decisions; involve stakeholders; and adapt to shifting needs.

Best Practices for Using SOESD’s CAPT Tool

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