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Klamath Promise

Klamath Promise in Klamath County forges connections between schools, higher education, community organizations, businesses and local leaders to drive communities to actively support improving education outcomes beyond the classroom. Focused work includes 100% high school graduation, increased school attendance, and community wide training on the epigenetics of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). SOESD supports trauma informed approaches & resiliency leading toward healthy communities and increased metrics in early learning, high school graduation, and college as well as career success across a lifelong continuum.

Helping Klamath County reach a 100% graduation rate one student at a time.


Energize and unify the community to improve the graduation rate.

Develop strategies and actions to utilize the community in bringing about this improvement.

Develop a culture of high expectations of student achievement and parental involvement.

Complete community engagement to prepare our youth for the future.


Klamath Promise