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School Districts participating in this program are reimbursed by a federal program known as Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC). MAC uses “time sampling” methodology to survey educational staff. The MAC program provides a way of reimbursing K-12 districts for claimable work already being performed by these staff members.
Participating counties: Josephine and Klamath Falls


SEAS is a 100% web-based product comprised of several modules which together allow districts to manage their special needs programs, including: IEP & forms management, timeline compliance, Medicaid claim generation, assessment reports, and more.

Access your district’s Special Education Automation Software (SEAS) special education management system by following the links below:


Ashland School District
  Butte Falls School District
Central Point School District
  Grants Pass School District    
Klamath County School District
  Klamath Falls City Schools
Phoenix-Talent School District
  Pinehurst School District
Prospect School District
  Rogue River School District
Southern Oregon ESD
Three Rivers School District