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Southern Oregon Education Service District (SOESD) is proud to present the 2019-20 Local Service Plan (LSP). The LSP is a product of our collaboration with school districts to deliver services that are responsive to districts’ individual and collective needs, by providing flexibility in service choices, while maintaining service quality and stability, and leveraging regional advantages in cost effectiveness and increased opportunities for students.SOESD utilizes State School Funds to provide services required by the LSP process for school districts in Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties that serve approximately 50,000 students representing 8.8 percent of the students in Oregon. The SOESD geographic region is the largest ESD region in Oregon comprising almost 10,600 square miles, which is larger than seven of the states in the US. SOESD brings added value to our districts surpassing the requirements of the Local Service Plan by historically obtaining over half (59% in 2018-19) of our annual revenue ($54,857,340 in 2018-19) through grants, contracts, and entrepreneurial services, expanding our partners and the area we serve, while providing enhanced or additional highly valued services to benefit our local districts.SOESD is proud of our accomplishments as a progressive leader in the ESD community, within our region, and in the state. This 2019-20 LSP represents the continued leadership of our organization to provide a leading number of highly valued and innovative services aligned with Oregon’s initiatives, delivered through a modern business model.On behalf of the SOESD board and administrative leadership, I would like to recognize that our success is due to the work of our staff in cooperation with our component districts. It is through staff’s service, responsiveness, and expertise – with a focus on customer service and satisfaction – that we have established and continuously build our value on doing what is best for children, families, and our communities.

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