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Poverty Immersion Institute

Communications Across Barriers
August 17th-18th

The Poverty Immersion Institute is a hands-on, two-day poverty institute for educators, health, justice and social service professionals, and community members who want to better understand poverty and gain tools for making a difference. We are revising the institute to allow for social distance of smaller groups at four sites to participate. Dr. Beegle will be broadcast to all sites to provide the training. She will rotate between each site so that all will have three sessions tele-presented, and one in-person session.

Seats may be reserved, or appointed by districts. Registrants will be put on the wait list if their district seats are differently assigned.


  • Grants Pass High School
  • SOESD Medford Office
  • Mountain Middle School
  • Klamath Falls

Breakfast and lunch will be provided, and SOESD will support the technology needed.

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Poverty Coaching Institute

Communications Across Barriers
Coming this Fall

Location TBD

The Poverty Coaching Institute prepares participants to serve as poverty coaches for their organizations. A Communication Across Barriers poverty coach is trained to conduct workshops for breaking poverty barriers and improving communication and relationships for in-house staff. Coaches serve as on-site experts for educating colleagues, providing leadership for breaking poverty barriers, and developing system-wide approaches for improving outcomes for families who live in the war zone of poverty. Poverty coaches will also be trained to conduct Poverty Competency Assessments and assist their organization in developing and implementing customized action plans with measurable results.

Please note: To participate in this workshop, registrants must first attend the two-day Poverty Immersion Institute. (August 17th & 18th course available in PD Networks.)

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Registration Coming Soon
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