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This project brief maps out how the Oregon Department of Education, with support from Region 16, conceived, developed, and implemented the six Student Success Plans, co-developed in collaboration with the communities surrounding six student focal groups:

  • Black/African American students
  • American Indian/Alaska Native students
  • Latino/a/x students
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students
  • LGBTQ2SIA+ students
  • Immigrant and refugee students

SOESD Director of School Improvement Services, Dr. Mark Angle-Hobson, was one of the ESD Leaders interviewed for this brief.

Thanks to the guidance of key communities, each plan is tailored to the assets, aspirations, and needs of student focal groups. By transforming the maze of education, these plans forge navigational pathways for students often left behind by the system by creating an environment where many different visions of success can co-exist.

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