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Congratulations to Miranda Doyle, recipient of the Oregon Library Association Intellectual Freedom Champion Award! So incredibly well-deserved for her endless efforts on behalf of students’ freedom to read. Thank you, Miranda, for all you do!

“I second that,” echoed School Library Consultant Jen Maurer with the State Library of Oregon. “Miranda, you were fantastic in your role as the OASL Intellectual Freedom Representative – a calm, knowledgeable, and relentless supporter of intellectual freedom and of library staff who were in the midst of material challenges. Thank you for your many years of valuable service.”

Another SOESD Librarian, Marie Felgentrager has taken over the role of OASL Intellectual Freedom Representative. We appreciate Marie for taking on this role with the same dedication. Regarding Marie, Jen Maurer said, “you’re a great fit, and I can tell you have the same passion to protect intellectual freedom.”

Congratulations, Miranda. And, thank you, Marie!

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