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First Name Last Name LDAP Dept LDAP Phone Email LDAP Job Title
Alice Gettling School Improvement testphone PSA - Mentor
Kaitlin Haskin Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 4813 Braillist I
Korry Cross Sp Ed/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 4812 Lead Interpreter
Kristy Thorson Sp Ed/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 4811 PDHH - Teacher of the Deaf
April Love Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 4810 PVI - Teacher
Jessica Stephenson Sp Ed/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 4808 Beg Interpreter
Sara Hartje Sp Ed/Occupational Therapist 4807 Occupational Therapist
Tyler York Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 4804 Teacher
Carlie Wiley-Wolter Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 4803 PVI - Teacher
James Mannenbach Sp Ed/Orthopediacally Impaired 4801 Physical Therapist
Jenny Fawcett Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 4800 Braillist I
Amelia Jacobson Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4749 Teaching Assistant III
Candace Sinclair Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4746 Administrative Assistant III
Caitlin Biedscheid Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4743 Early Intervention Specialist
Lindsey Parrinello Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4742 AmeriCorp Facilitator
Susan Fiske Sp Ed/LTCT 4741 LTCT - Clinical Education Assistant
Ashley Dibble Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4740 Evaluation Coordinator Specialist
Jessica Mowry Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4739 Teaching Assistant I
Marisa Arteaga Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4738 Administrative Assistant II
Barbara Griffin Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4737 Early Intervention Specialist / Autism Consultant
Jennifer Hamilton Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4733 Teaching Assistant III
Kim Pittam Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4731 Speech Language Pathologist Asst
Stephanie Love Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4730 Speech Language Pathologist
Bethany Givens Sp Ed/LTCT 4729 Teacher - KAIROS
Kate McFarland Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4727 Speech Language Pathologist
Anne Goff Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4725 Lead Speech Language Pathologist
Susan Hermes Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4723 Occupational Therapist
Emily Williams Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4722 Early Intervention Specialist I
Jamie Sullivan Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 4721 Coordinator
Ofelia Lopez Mig Ed/ELL 3188 Migrant Ed Student Recruiter
Kelle Lovett Sp Ed/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 3184 Teacher
Lauren Wade Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3173 School Psychologist Intern
Kaitlyn Allen Sp Ed/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 3172 Sign Language Facilitator
Karli Steuk Sp Ed/Autism Services 3170 Spectrum Disorder Consultant (ASD)
Katheryn Schopp Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3169 School Psychologist
Alma Velazquez Mig Ed/ELL 3168 Home Consultant II
Victoria Bencomo Mig Ed/ELL 3167 MHAO Mentor
Laura Tolmich Mig Ed/ELL 3165 Administrative Assistant III
Celine Buczek Sp Ed/Autism Services 3163 Autism Consultant
Claire Swagler Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3160 School Psychologist
Beth Howell Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 3158 Speech Language Pathologist Asst
Meghan Jones Sp Ed/Orthopediacally Impaired 3157 Physical Therapist
Mark Salter Business Office 3156 Maintenance Custodian
Cynthia Cameron Sp Ed/YTP 3154 Transition Network Facilitator
Kathy Sexauer Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3153 School Psychologist
Rowan Hill-Walko Sp Ed/Autism Services 3151 Autism Consultant
Andrea Pariani Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 3150 Lead Braillist
Darci Mason Sp Ed/Autism Services 3147 Spectrum Disorder Consultant (ASD)
Angie Thompson Sp Ed/Autism Services 3146 Autism Consultant
Kyle Buck Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3145 Licensed Counselor
Phyllis Hultz Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 3144 Teacher
Susan Silva Mig Ed/ELL 3143 Administrative Assistant III
Amy Szeliga Sp Ed/Autism Services 3138 Autism Consultant
Tina Talamantes Sp Ed/Nurse 3136 Registered Nurse
Susan Sprague Sp Ed/STEPS 3134 Teacher
Susan Reynolds Sp Ed/Orthopediacally Impaired 3133 Physical Therapist
Bianey Jimenez Mig Ed/ELL 3132 Migrant Parental Involvement Specialist
Amalia Robles Mig Ed/ELL 3131 Migrant Ed Student Recruiter
Claudia Cervantes Mig Ed/ELL 3129 Migrant Preschool Specialist
Carol Holm Mig Ed/ELL 3128 Migrant Specialist
Katie Mena Mig Ed/ELL 3128 Migrant Graduation Specialist
Peggy Bartles Sp Ed/Speech - Language Services 3123 Administrative Assistant
Meghann Ryan Sp Ed/Autism Services 3121 Spectrum Disorder Consultant (ASD)
Katrina Clevenger Sp Ed/YTP 3117 YTP Specialist
Kim Hosford Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3116 School Psychologist
Jody Conrad Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3114 School Psychologist
Zach Rarrick Sp Ed/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 3113 Advanced Sign Language Interpreter
Todd Martinez Sp Ed/Student Data 3112 Student Data Specialist
Erika Dreager Sp Ed/Autism Services 3109 Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Michael Halpern Sp Ed/Orthopediacally Impaired 3108 Occupational Therapist
Melanie Rodgers Sp Ed/YTP 3107 YTP Specialist
Amanda Lacy Sp Ed/Psychology Services 3106 School Psychologist
Jeannine Towle Mig Ed/ELL 3105 Administrative Assistant III
Vicki Bernard Special Education 3104 Speech Language Pathologist
Anna Candelaria Sp Ed/Autism Services 3102 ASD-EA
Desiree Meza Mig Ed/ELL 2120 Recruiter
Annette Willrett Sp Ed/Orthopediacally Impaired 2118 Occupational Therapist
Claudia Esparza Mig Ed/ELL 2117
Randelin Burnett Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 2116 Braillist I
Danielle Walker Early Learning Hub 2113 Early Learning Hub and Family Resource Facilitator
Nelda Slater Mig Ed/ELL 2112 Home School Consultant I
Patricia Ortega Mig Ed/ELL 2106 Migrant Preschool Specialist
Amy Quayle Early Learning Hub 2105 Take Root Parenting Hub & KPI
MariJo Griffith Sp Ed/Orthopediacally Impaired 2103 Physical Therapist
Sam Padilladedios Mig Ed/ELL 2101 Migrant Graduation Specialist
Samantha Becerra Mig Ed/ELL 2100 Administrative Assistant III
Shelley Freeman Business Office 1302 Assistant Inventory Control
Earl Laughlin Business Office 1301 Co-op Purchasing
Amy Lukens CTE 1187 CTE/STEAM Project Facilitator
Pat Crisler TMS/Electronic Services 1186 Field Service Tech III
Victoria Stokes Human Resources 1184 Administrative Assistant III
Israel Mathewson TMS/Network Services 1180 Senior Network Engineer
Heidi Olivadoti SIS/Curriculum & Assessment 1176 K-12 Literacy Specialist
Robin Borden School Improvement 1175 MTSS School Improvement Specialist
Jeremy Gardner TMS/Electronic Services 1173 Field Service Tech III
Garrick Jee TMS/Electronic Services 1169 Electronic Tech I / iPad Repair Tech
Marilyn Wilson 1168
Nancy Lawson Sp Ed/Early Childhood Services 1167 ASD Consultant
Elmeka Henderson Psych Services 1165 School Psychologist
Heather McClendon Psych Services 1164 School Psychologist
Elizabeth Rhodes Sp Ed/Vision Impaired Services 1161 Teacher
Jennifer Vranna Sp Ed/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 1160 PDHH
Debra Koutnik School Improvement 1156 Mental Health and Wellness
Nicolette Smith 1153
Peter Buckley SORS 1151 Project Manager
Teresa Slater SOELS 1149 Home Visiting Facilitator
Celeste Deshner 1148
Maureen Honeycutt CCRN 1147 Warmline Inclusion Specialist
Cecilia Lepa School Improvement 1146 VISTA - AfterSchool Aliance
Mike Macaluso TMS/Electronic Services 1144 Field Tech III
Ron Nichols TMS/Electronic Services 1141 Field Service Tech III
Natasha Weiser Media Library 1139 Media Materials Lib Asst II
Shawn Freshour TMS/Electronic Services 1135 Field Service Tech II
Liz Littleton School Improvement 1134 Administrative Assistant III
Brenda Lundblad School Improvement 1132 Administrative Assistant III
Kirsten Fountain SIS/Oregon Online 1131 School Improvement Specialist
Brenden Clem TMS/Computer Information Services 1129 CIS Intern
Karla Clark CTE 1128 CTE/STEAM Project Facilitator
Katrina McGrath CCRN 1126 Administrative Assistant III
Molly Clement CCRN 1125 Warmline Inclusion Specialist
Norma Pantoja CCRN 1124 Quality Improvement Specialist
Martha Ibarra CCRN 1122 Quality Improvement Specialist
Lorena Juarez CCRN 1119 Child Care Referral Specialist/Trainer/Bilingual
Candelaria Romero CCRN 1112 Quality Improvement Specialist
Debbie Martinez Family Support & Connections 1111 Family Intervention Specialist
Maureen Criger Business Office 1105 Accouts Payable
Patricia Michiels Administration 1104 Human Resource Manger
Lisa Udall Southern Promise Grant 1103 Southern Promise Grant - Administrative Assistant III
Lori Scheer-Matheson Sp Ed/Audiology 1102 Audiologist
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