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Business forms

Included in this installation of the SOESD Business Office Forms 2019 are v1.2k19 of: Authorization to Pay, Purchase Requisition, Out of Service Area Travel Form, and Local Travel Forms. All the forms are provided under one integrated interface.
The new printed and electronic versions of the travel forms should be used to report travel occurring between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. The travel forms automatically calculate the IRS reimbursement rate of $.58 per mile.
For assistance installing or using these forms, please contact the Help Desk by calling 541-858-6730 / 866-858-6730, emailing, or using our online form.

Download Forms

Click here to download the 2019 Business Office Forms, which should appear as “SOESD Business Forms” on your desktop, and decompress into a folder called “SOESD Business Forms 2019”.

The key thing you’ll need to do is Save to your Desktop (don’t Open), then right-click and pick Extract All Files. (If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to save any entered data.) So you may need to right-click on the downloaded “SOESD Business Forms” after downloading, and pick “Extract All Files”, if extraction doesn’t occur automatically.

A good place to store the “SOESD Business Forms 2019” folder is in your “My Documents” folder. You may discard “SOESD Business Forms”. To use the forms, open the “SOESD Business Forms 2019” folder and click twice on “Forms Menu.fp5”.

If you can’t Extract All Files from “SOESD Business Forms 2019”, or would like assistance using the forms, please contact the Help Desk by calling 541-858-6730 / 866-858-6730, emailing, or using our online form.

Instructions for Importing from Previous Years
Click here to view instructions for importing ATP and vendor data from previous years’ forms.

Business Forms 2018
If you need to submit travel from 2018, please download and use this set of forms from 2018.

Mileage Charts

Mileage charts have been revised and are new to the Business Forms web page.  Please discard the old versions and download the revised charts.

Click here to download the Jackson County Mileage Chart.
Click here to download the Josephine County Mileage Chart.
Click here to download the Klamath County Mileage Chart.
Click here to download the Douglas County Mileage Chart.


Click here for information regarding SOESD’s 403B plan.

Health & Safety

  • SOESD Staff Health and Safety Training
    SOESD Provides staff health and safety training online through Public School Works. Click here to login.
  • SOESD Wellness Grant
    Join the SOESD Wellness team in promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace and at home!

    More info on Wellness Grant

    Dedicated to supporting Southern Oregon ESD employees’ decisions toward a healthy, stress-reduced, productive life. The OEA Choice Trust Grant funds will support wellness activities which target the areas the employees of Southern Oregon ESD said were their highest priorities:

    • Exercise and Fitness
    • Stress Management
    • Healthy Eating and Nutrition
    • Weight Management

    Wellness Resources & Links

  • Child Abuse Reporting 

All SOESD employees are mandatory reporters. Employees shall be alert to possible cases of child
abuse and shall report these to the legal authorities and inform the program administrator of the
report. A copy of the completed child abuse report must be forwarded to the SOESD superintendent.
A child abuse reporting form is provided in this handbook. Child abuse reporting information can be
found on the SOESD website under the SOESD Staff tab and at:

View & Download the SOESD Child Abuse Reporting Form Here

Other Employee Forms

Insurance Costs 2019 – 2020

Regular Staff: Please click the link for the interactive page to choose your insurance and see what your cost will be: Click here to use the 2019-2020 Insurance Calculator.

Retirees: Please click the link to see what insurance options and costs for the
18 – 19 insurance year: 2018 – 2019 Retiree Insurance

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