What is Ready Schools, Safe Learners?


Under the Governor’s Executive Order 20-25(10), each school district and Education Service District in Oregon must follow the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) requirements created in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). By August 17, 2020 or prior to the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, whichever is earlier, every school must complete an Operational Blueprints for Reentry. Blueprints are submitted to the local school boards, the local public health authority, and ODE. The blueprint must also be made available to the community online.

The requirements create a framework for serving students using remote strategies in a “Comprehensive Distance Learning” (CDL) model, or using “On-site” and “Hybrid” models to deliver in-person instruction when certain health metrics are met related to COVID-19 infection rates across Oregon. Districts are required to have plans for transitioning between CDL and On-site or Hybrid models.

Currently, all districts and ESDs in Oregon will start school this fall using the CDL model. This model leverages remote learning options but also provides some exceptions for K-3 students, students in small and rural schools, and other students to receive in-person services in certain defined situations.

SOESD Blueprints

SOESD provides evaluative services in our offices, as well as direct student instructional services in the schools of the districts we serve. Each district we serve submits a blueprint for each of their schools where we may serve students. SOESD’s other direct instructional services for students are outlined in separate SOESD blueprints here.

Other School Plans

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The blueprints for all the districts in southern Oregon (and the state) are located on ODE’s web site.

SOESD assists districts with preparing and updating blueprints with resources available in the Operational Blueprint Templates and Protocols available through the button below.


Tanya Frisendahl

Reopening Advisor
Educational Services Team

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ODE Reopening Guidance Documents

What is an Operational Blueprint?

An Operational Blueprint is essentially your plan for resuming school activities. It is due by August 15 or the start of school, whichever is earlier.

How do I know which model to choose? 

There are three instructional models for schools in the 2020-21 school year:

  1. On-site
  2. Hybrid, and
  3. Comprehensive Distance Learning (full requirements here)

You can start by looking at this Decision Tree.

Don’t know which method to choose? Use the chart below.

ODE Templates


Collecting Public Feedback

Training Sessions

Series 1 Training Powerpoint

Series 2 Training Powerpoint

Series 3 Training is intended to give principals at the elementary, middle and high school levels time to discuss implementation plans and ideas in school level alike and size like teams. While workshop groups will be facilitated, it is not intended to be a review of the guidance document or to provide the information that occurred in series 2.

Video Guidance

CDC Toolkit for ages 15-21

Where do I get cleaning & maintenance supplies?

School facilities are the responsibility of the local school district and as such they are responsible for cleaning the buildings. Because this is a local control issue, the state does not have systems in place to provide additional supplies to districts.

Try these options for more information:

  • Oregon School Facilities Management Association. They provide peer to peer information sharing and resources. Districts can get advice from other districts about how to address potential shortages of cleaning supplies.
  • ORPIN. This is the public procurement network that public agencies, including school districts can use. Districts may be able to find cleaning supplies on this network that can help address any potential shortages.
  • Local county emergency managers.

Are face coverings required? 

Yes: Effective 7/24, face coverings are required for all students over 5 and all staff.


Can’t find your answer? Search this list of FAQs from ODE.

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